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What's on offer

How might your Kids benefit??

  * Builds Confidence & Certainity

  * Builds Resilience & Inner strength

  * Handling tough situations &  conversations

  * Most importantly, it can create empowering beliefs towards themselves & others

Learning Tools we use

  * NLP Introduction

  * Right Brain Left Brain

  * Magic circle

  * Anchoring

  * Association Dissociation

  * Communication

  * Metaphors

  * Power of body, thoughts & words

  * Self-talk

  * State & emotions


  * Setting goals & feeling inspired to take action

  * Handling & overcoming fears

  * Managing emotions & communicating with confidence

  * Handling difficult conversations

  * Access their inner best resources in challenging times

facilitator profiles

Experts at what they do

Combined experience of 75 years in training

Program design

The program has taken shape & form after 6 months long deliberations with some of the best industry experts in NLP, internal and external stakeholders, parents and kids.

Passion for Kids learning

The facilitators are highly passionate about working with children and ensure a smooth transformation your children need during these 2 day workshop.

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